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PKP Optics has established itself as one of the leading independent prescription houses in the South East and has achieved excellent relationships with all major lens and frame manufacturers. We are Essilor's Partner Plus and are Hoya's Approved Laboratory Specialist for the South East.


At PKP, we believe in quality and service. We have invested heavily in both our equipment and our staff, employing experienced professionals with an average of 20 years optical experience each. With our professional and informative technical advice and customer services we hope to give our customers peace of mind and confidence with every order.

As a comprehensive and completely independent prescription house, we offer unbaised assitance and advice to all our customers. PKP Optics offer a full service including surfacing, glazing, hard coating and frame repairs including titanium.

The Nidek glazing system and software we use is of the latest technology, capable of coping with the most challenging of frames. Our surfacing department is able to produce highly complex resin lenses. We also hold a varied stock of finished and semi-finished lenses, which can enable us to complete an order within 24 hours.

We have an excellent portfolio of glazed packages. Our portfolio consists of collections from Stepper, Eyespace, Continental, Optical Service and International Eyewear. PKP are proud to offer our own brand collection of Modesty Freeform Varifocals. Available in 3 different designs Gold, Silver and Bronze this range will provide your customer a quality Varifocal at an affordable price.

Also under our Modesty range we have added a new occupational lens Modesty Media 2 & 4.      

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